Life Hacks For Dog Owners

A Life hack is an essential part of owning a dog. Being a dog owner is one of the most rewarding experiences, minus the shedding and the chewing and the constant need to keep them entertained. Sure, being a pet parent has a learning curve but you’d be surprised how easy it is to be the best pet parent.

Here are some life hacks to keep you on top of things while being an awesome dog owner.

DIY Dog-Friendly Deodoriser

dog friendly spray deodoriser
Having a pet in your life is going to change the way you go about a lot of things. That includes adjusting to a pet-friendly routine. Life hack number one is getting some dog-friendly plants as air purifiers are one of the simplest ways to spruce up a room. Plain white vinegar or baking soda are common household items that make great home deodorisers and are pet-friendly as well.

Packing tape lint roller for fur

No lint roller? No problem. Packing tape is a favourite life hack for dog owners who understand that dog hair gets EVERYWHERE. This is a quick fix for picking off loose dog hair from clothes or furniture.

DIY pet bed

There are so many ways to give your pup a comfy spot all to themselves. One of the easiest pet bed hacks is taking an old pillow and sewing it into an old sweater. Your dog will love it even more if they still have your scent. Turn your old T.V. cabinets or dressers into a brand new puppy pad for your pooch to hang out in. This way you can reduce clutter around the house and design it to match the rest of the furniture.

DIY tug toy

Sometimes buying your dog another toy, even when he already has millions, is out of the question. Why not make your own? Tie some spare cloth or old clothes together and you’ve got yourself a new tug toy!

Smart pet doors

If it feels like your front door has become a revolving door for your pets, it's probably time to get a pet door. But don’t stop at just any pet door where other ravaging animals can sneak in at night. The smart pet door only unlocks for your furry friend. Your dog’s collar will transmit a signal to the doggy door allowing your pet to come and go as he pleases.

DIY refill water bowl

Almost all pet parents are guilty of forgetting to refill the water bowl. The good news is we’ve found this ​awesome DIY self-refilling water bowl to keep your pets hydrated all day long. This can be made with materials easily found at home.

No recall word? No problem

A reliable recall is one of the most essential basic training to teach all dogs. But if your pup hasn’t learned it yet or you need a quick solution for a dog on the loose, drama is the answer. If your dog simply isn’t listening, fake a fall. Most times dogs will run back to check on their owners. For those especially stubborn dogs, try happily running away while talking in an excited voice. Dogs love chasing after things so he’ll probably think it’s playtime.

Kiddie pool playtime dog swimming pool

This inexpensive life hack during the summertime hack is great for pups who need a little cooling down. Kiddie pools are easy to come across and will keep your dog entertained for hours out in the yard. Just be sure to keep watch in case any accidents happen.

DIY frozen toy

Freeze your dog’s toys and treats in water or chicken broth and watch him go at it for hours. This is another favourite dog hack to keep your pet preoccupied and cooled down. He’ll be too busy getting to his treasure to get into other trouble.

Rubber glove fur remover

Flying fur comes with the territory and a lot of pet owners understand the pain of getting fur off of everything. A pair of rubber gloves work wonders at removing hair off furniture just by running your hand over them. Soon you’ll be picking off fur like crazy with this amazingly simple hack.

Doggie language cheat sheet

It’s amazing what you can learn from your dog if you knew what they were trying to tell you. Unfortunately, barks and woofs will only get you so far. But understanding your dog isn’t that hard. Nowadays tons of body language guides can help you recognise what your dog is trying to communicate.

DIY treat/pill pocket

If you have a pet on daily medication and store-bought pill pockets aren’t the way to go, this hack is for you. There are hundreds of treat recipes that can turn into pill pockets or make. You can store this in the fridge for whenever your dog needs it.

DIY digging box

Give your dog their own digging adventure with a DIY digging box that will keep them busy for hours. Hide some treasure treats and toys in your dogs very own sandbox. The excitement of finding the treasure will keep your dog boredom free for at least a couple of hours.

White towel test

If you think your dogs have fleas or just need a quick check, have them stand on a white towel and brush their fur. The white will serve as a clear background, making it easier to see if any loose flea dirt has fallen.

Tooth brushing rope toy dog rope toy

Make brushing your dog’s teeth a fun experience by making it playtime. Rub some dog toothpaste on a rope toy and watch your dog go at it while he unknowingly cleans his teeth. Dog-friendly toothpaste comes in a variety of savoury flavours that will leave your dog wanting more.