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Frequently asked questions


The minimum order is £29.99 to receive free next day delivery.

Otherwise, it is £4.95 for delivery.

If you place your order before 2pm, you will receive your order next day.

Orders over £29.99 are free delivery, otherwise it is £4.95.


Please email info@t-forrest regarding any returns.

You can also read our returns policy to ensure you meet the returns criteria.


No, all of our natural treats don’t need to be refrigerated.

We recommend to store your treats in a dry, cool place. Such as a cupboard, or in a garage.

T.Forrest bones are not dangerous for your dogs. However, they do have a chance of splintering.

Always provide fresh, clean water when feeding your dog any treat, as well as keeping a watchful eye on them. 

If splintering does occur, remove the treat immediately to prevent hazard.

Our sausages are a great treat for puppies, although we would recommend you cut them into smaller pieces first.

They are a great treat to use during training or as a reward.

Yes, the majority of our products are 1 ingredient, meaning nothing is added and nothing is removed. For example, pigs ears, roasted bones, paddywack etc. 

The other products which need a recipe (for example - filled bones, meat filled trachea etc) are made with natural ingredients, no added preservatives or fillers.

Most products we do are natural, so the weights are guidelines, because they vary in shapes and sizes. For example, 1 chicken foot might be 3g, but another may be 5g (not exact), so it is guidelines.

This is why we sell the majority of our products by weight.

Most of our raw material is from the UK. Anything we can't source from the UK we source from selected suppliers abroad.

We try to replenish stock once a week.

You can select the 'notify me' when back in stock button on the specific product you are wanting. Then once they are back in stock, we will send you an email.

The majority of our products are grain & gluten free.

We do have a grain & gluten free collection.


Yes our pouches are recyclable. 

However, please check the pouch for the specific recyclable logo as this can vary for 'one off' pouches.

The plastic we use to wrap some of our products is also fully recyclable.

You can put them in your garden waste bin or re use them as a bird drinker.

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