Fireworks And Your Dogs Anxiety

Are you worried about your dog's stress during Bonfire Night? Loud fireworks can make pets anxious. Follow these easy steps to help keep your furry friend calm during the celebrations.


Start preparing in advance to ease your dog's anxiety. Use CDs, YouTube, or streaming noises to introduce controlled loud sounds in a safe setting. Gradually increase the noise levels, but be cautious if your dog gets very upset. If that happens, seek advice from a dog therapist or vet. Look for help from experienced tutors in dog behavior on the Kennel Club website.
why is my dog scared of fireworks


  1. Feed your dog early because stress might reduce their appetite. 
  2. Take your dog for a long walk before dark, and make sure they've done their business. 
  3. Keep water available as anxiety might make your dog pant more and feel thirsty.
  4. Close doors, windows and curtains to protect your dog from loud noises.
  5. Secure escape routes like cat flaps etc, to keep your dog safe at home.
  6. Make a cosy area with familiar items and toys to comfort your dog.


  1. Act normal as dogs can sense stress; stay calm to reassure your pet.
  2. Reward your dog for staying calm with treats, cuddles and playtime. 
  3. Use distractions like TV or music to soften the noise from fireworks.
  4. Let your dog find their own safe spot; don't force them out.


  1. Don't make your dog face loud noises; it can make them more stressed.
  2. Avoid scolding your dog when they're anxious; it makes them more worried.
  3. Never take your dog to firework events; even if they seem calm, they might escape. 
  4. Don't leave dogs tied up outside during fireworks; it can cause panic.

how to help my dog with fireworks


  • Talk to your vet for medicine or natural remedies 
  • Consider group training sessions for more help 

We hope this guide helps keep your furry friend relaxed during Bonfire Night. Try our Limited Edition Treacle Flavoured Filled Bones and Hooves to keep them busy and happy during the celebrations.