Why Do Dogs Like Bones?

Chewing is one of the most natural instincts for dogs and every dog will often get an urge to chew.

A good dog bone can satisfy your pup’s craving for chewing and control the unwanted chewing behaviour. Leaving furniture, shoes, and other items intact.  Here are the three main reasons why dogs like bones.

  1. Gnawing on a bone gives the dog a sense of satisfaction from preying.
  2. Natural and flavoured bones are simply a delicious snack to chew on.
  3. Regularly chewing bones helps massage the dog’s teeth and gums.
There are many possible reasons why dog bones are the favourite toys for millions of dogs around the world.
Studies show that the main reason is the dog’s natural instinct for hunting down its prey. While others believe that dog bone toys are simply too appetising for their dogs to resist. roast knuckle bones for dogs
Dog bones not only satisfy the hunting instincts. They provide a safe release to the chewing urges and helps with mental stimulation that can keep the dog entertained and relaxed.
Bones can effectively clean the pup’s teeth and maintain the gums. Keeping their breath nice and fresh. The action of chewing stimulates the release of saliva. Flushing away bacteria and debris which would otherwise end up as plaque. We can’t guarantee to give them a Hollywood smile. But our bones will keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy therefore making their breath fresher.  Check out our blog on oral hygiene.
But no matter what your dog’s reasons for chewing, the best way to satisfy this urge is with a high-quality dog bone.
We have plenty to choose from and each of them has a variety of benefits for all shapes, sizes, and breeds of dog.

Bones for dogs

Filled Bones
A filled bone is a delicious, nutritious natural dog treat full of essential vitamins and nutrients a perfect way to spoil your pooch or reward them for being good.
Ours are made with 4″ British beef marrow bone that has been washed, dried, hollowed out, and then stuffed with nutritious and delightful recipe filling. why do dogs like dog bones. the benefits for dog bones
What you see is what you get. Unlike some dog treats you find in the supermarkets, our Filled Bones are totally free from any artificial preservatives and colourants. We take our time to slowly air dry our bones, but why?
We do this to lock in the flavours, goodness and nutrients of the treat, (amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and proteins) and because these bones have not been subjected to high temperatures, they are less brittle which reduces the risk of splintering.
There are lots of lip-smacking flavours to choose from so why not give them a try.
Large Dog Bones

Our Maxi Roasted Jurassic Bone is the “Big Dog” of bones. Measuring in at a huge 12” in length. It is the largest bone we produce and one of our most popular with large dog owners.

Our Roasted Knucklebone is next measuring the size of a human fist. It is a great treat for a serious chewer in your life.

All our bones are air-dried to reduce this risk of splintering and the slow process locks in all the nutrients and essential vitamins for your dog to benefit from. There is also no reason to worry should your dog be gluten or grain-intolerant. Your four-legged friend can still enjoy these dog bone treats.

If you’ve got a big dog in your life check out our large big dog bones that will be sure to keep your dog entertained for hours.

Tips for feeding bones for dogs

Dogs can get overly excited when feeding them any type of treats. You MUST monitor your dog while feeding any bone or treats. With all bones, there is a risk of splintering. However, we take every precaution in the preparation of our bones to ensure the risk is limited. We always recommend that our bones should be fed to puppies older than 6 months. If bones do splinter or shatter, remove them from your dog.

Always provide fresh drinking water for them and a useful tip is to teach dogs to “drop it” a handy trick should you notice they are getting overly excited and you can reward them with an alternative chew type of treat like a bully stick.