t forrest biodegradable poo bags
t forrest floral scented biodegradable poo bags
benefits of t forrest poo bags
T Forrest leak proof poo bags
t forrest biodegradable poo bags
take your dogs on a walk with our pick it up poo bags. They are biodegradable, leak proof, strong, floral scented and they have easy tie handles.

Biodegradable Poo Bags

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Not the most glamorous job but we all have to do it. So that’s why we have made cleaning up after your pooch simple, clean, and eco-friendly. A number two bag for your number one dog! 

BIODEGRADABLE - Tread lighter on the earth and reduce your carbon pawprint. Our Pick It Up Poo Bags are completely biodegradable and eco - friendly. 

STRONG - Your little package is safe and secure. No need to worry about leakage, our bags are super strong. 

SCENTED - We have tried to make this not so pleasurable experience a little bit fresher. Our biodegradable poo bags are as fresh as a daisy with an added floral scent. No need to hold your nose. 

EASY TIE - There's nothing worse than juggling a dog, lead and poo bags. The struggle is real. So our Pick It Up Poo Bags come with easy loop handles that a quick to tie when you've got your hands full. 

Just because these poo bags are biodegradable, please don’t think it's ok to put these bags in bushes or hang them on a tree. They don’t make the most attractive tree decoration.

Please find a dog waste bin to dispose of the full bag. Bag it, bin it! That’s our motto!

NOTHING TO SEE HERE - They are black in colour, so once it's in the bag, you can't see the contents. 

RESPONSIBLE PET PARENT - By taking an extra minute to clean up your poop, you're not only being a responsible pet parent by keeping the environment nice and clean, you're actually helping to save the world one poop at a time. 

NEVER GET CAUGHT OUT - Always be prepared with 50 bags per pack. That's a lot of walks and a lot of poo! 

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