our ingredients

We proudly list all our delicious ingredients and provide all the information you need to make sure your fur babies are getting only the best.

With us, you know what goes in (and stays out!) so your pet can enjoy with a health-filled tail wag!

t forrest beef ingredients

Highly wholesome and nutritious high quality protein packed with essential nutrients

t forrest chicken ingredients

A delicious and lean source of protein packed full of goodness

t forrest liver ingredients

Full of nutrients a great source of Iron, Copper and many more vitamins/minerals

black pudding dog treats
black pudding

A great source of protein, containing high levels of Iron

pork dog treats

Excellent source of protein and provides several important vitamins and minerals

venison dog treats

High quality source of protein as it is rich in protein but low in fat

t forrest duck ingredients

Rich in vitamin A and vitamin B3 and packed with protein

t forrest fish ingredients

Very good source of protein rich in vitamins and natural oils


t forrest peanut ingredients

A great source of healthy fats protein and fibre packed full of vitamins

t forrest berries ingredients

High in fibre and loaded with antioxidants

t forrest mealworm ingredients

Providing the perfect balance of protein fat and fibre

vitamins & minerals

t forrest high protein dog treats

Allows your pets body to function properly and contributes to healthy hair and skin to name only a few benefits

t forrest pet treats that contain calcium

Contributes to your pets growth healthy bones and teeth maintenance and many more benefits

t forrest natural pet treats containing vitamin e
vitamin e

A great antioxidant good for  immune system muscles heart health and many more

t forrest natural dog treats high in glucosamine and chondroitin
glucosamine & chondroitin

Improves mobility and range of motion and slows down the ageing process in your dogs joints

t forrest natural pet treats containing magnesium

Essential nutrient that helps to facilitate the transfer of energy for every movement your dog makes

t forrest natural pet treats containing iron

An essential mineral for the synthesis of blood and formation of red blood cells

t forrest natural dog treats containing omega 6
omega 6

Required for normal reproduction, growth, immune system, coat and health

t forrest natural dog treats containing b12 vitamins

Crucial for your dogs healthy nervous system and brain function along with many more benefits