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daniel wallbank

t forrest daniel wallbank

Dan joined the family business over 8 years ago. After passing Maths, Biology, and Economics A Levels with flying colours. He secured a sort-after place at Newcastle University.

It wasn’t long before Dan was missing his beloved dogs and the beautiful rolling countryside of his hometown. It quickly dawned on him that interpretating whiteboards full of macroeconomic equations to work in a London office was not for him.

Luckily for us Dan his parents asked him to come and work for the family business and the rest, as they say, is history.

We asked Dan a few questions to find out a bit more about his story and what makes him tick.

describe a typical day in the office

Driving to work is my thinking time. I think about the day ahead. What I would like to get done. What I haven’t got done, and if I am running low on time, prioritising the most important tasks for the day ahead.

Genuinely in 8 years, I have never had 2 days the same or even slightly the same. Being a small family business, we all get involved in different departments. So I am never selling all day.

My days are a mixture of financial, strategy, sales, marketing, and maintenance. Spinning multiple plates is our bread and butter! It definately keeps me busy.

I love the fact that my days are completely different and working with my family is one of the best things. My grandparents like to visit now and again and it gives me a great sense of pride sharing my ideas with them as they see the improvements we have made over the years.

I am extremely grateful that I can work with my dogs in the Lancashire countryside. I love seeing how happy our customers and their dogs are after receiving our treats.

one interesting fact about you

My partner’s family owns a farm in the Ribble Valley. I’m sometimes asked to help out during the busy lambing season.

Last season was extremely busy and I personally lambed over 50 sheep and healed a lamb’s broken leg.

what do you do in your spare time?

Friday night is non-cooking night, we would normally mean going out for tea in a local pub. We are spoilt for choice in the Ribble Valley, there are so many lovely pubs with a nice roaring fire to choose from, however, lockdown measures mean that we can’t venture out so takeaway and a film it is!

I love the countryside so my weekend would not be complete if we didn’t go out exploring, ideally a big walk on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with the dogs working up an appetite for a nice home-cooked meal on Sunday evening; that’s my perfect weekend.

best piece of advice you have received

Not one that someone has given me but ’the man who moves mountains begins by moving small stones’ – think it’s a Chinese proverb?