Scottish Dog Breeds

We can thank Scotland for some of the most beautiful dog breeds and we are going to celebrate them; a little bit about their history, what they are known for and why we love them. 

There are some golden oldies, a gentle giant and some great hunters. Thank you,Scotland! These dog breeds are all worth celebrating. 


The West Highland white terrer often referred to as a Westie, is a breed that is completely intertwined with its country of origin. Westies are part of a group of Scottish Terriers thought to have branched off the same family tree.
Bred to combat rodent infestations in marketplaces and estates, Westies are part of a group known as 'earth dogs', as they are on the ground hunters with an affinity for fast moving vermin.
highland westie terrier


Life span: 12-16 years

Colour: White

Weight: Female: 6-7kg, Male: 7-10kg

Height: Female: 23-28cm, Male: 25-30cm

Temperament: Friendly, alert, active, courageous, independent.  


Terriers have thrived in Scotland due to their skill for hunting prey over rugged terrain, and the border terrier does that to this day. Named because of its early years spent assisting farmers on the Scottish-English border.
Today, it's one of the most popular terriers in the United Kingdom, with a sweet personality and the ability to get on well with other dogs.
Despite their small size, Border Terriers are energetic dogs with big personalities.
They’re keen to learn new things and so can be easy to train in the right hands. They love to play and interact with their owners at any given opportunity so can be great companions.
border terrier


Life span: 12-15 years

Colour: Blue & Tan, grizzle & tan, Wheaton, Red

Weight: Female: 5.1-6.4kg, Male: 5.9-7kg

Height: Female: 28-36cm, Male: 33-40cm

Temperament: Intelligent, fearless, affectionate, alert, obedient. 


The history of this breed goes back to the Scottish Highlands.
Throughout the latter half of the 1800's, a breeder carefully developed golden retrievers from his Scottish estate to create a top-of-the-line hunting companion.
The bloodline of goldens includes the now-extinct yellow retriever and tweed water spaniel as well as Irish setters and bloodhounds.
golden retriever


Life span: 10-12 years

Colour: Dark golden, light golden, cream, golden

Weight: Female: 25-32kg, Male: 30-34kg 

Height: Female: 51-56cm, Male: 56-61cm

Temperament: Trustworthy, intelligent, friendly, kind, reliable and confident. 


The bloodhound was used to sniff out raiders and cattle thieves in the Middle Ages.
Thought to originate from Belgium, the bloodhound was bred in Scotland from 1300. They were originally used as a leashed hound in hunting deer and wild boar and known as the sleuth hound for their ability to track and hunt.
They can be easy to train in the right hands and respond well to positive training methods. They're affectionate dogs and very easy going in the home environment.
bloodhound dog


Life span: 10-12 years

Colour: Liver & tan, black & tan, red

Weight: Female: 36-45kg, Male: 41-50kg

Height: Female: 58-64cm, Male: 64-69cm

Temperament: Stubborn, even tempered, affectionate, gentle.