12 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Keeping your dog busy indoors will keep them entertained and prevent them from getting in trouble by misbehaving. Whether the weather is too cold, frosty or If you are just simply feeling under the weather yourself and want to stay inside, you and your dog will benefit from these activities, we've put together 12 ways that you can keep you and your dog entertained even from indoors!

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

Teaching your dog some new tricks will help keep you and your dog occupied and it is also a great way to keep your dog out of trouble. Training provides mental stimulation which enhances your dog’s lives by giving them something meaningful to do.

Play ‘find the treat

dog treats
Another great thing to do to keep your dog entertained. Grab yourself some treats and hide them around the room and give your dog a cue such as ‘find the treat’ or ‘find it’ and encourage them to pick the treat up. Every time they find a treat, praise and reward them. Once your dog is picking up the treat consistently, you can start to make it more challenging by hiding the treats in places they would have to sniff out such as under a rug etc.

Using A Stuffed Kong Toy

To keep your dog busy, you can fill it with their favourite treats or freeze it overnight with broth inside it or peanut butter etc. If you freeze the Kong, they can last most dogs 30 minutes plus.

Make Your Dog Work For Their Meals

Doing this is fun and mentally stimulating for them. You can make your dog perform some tricks before they get their dinner or they could eat food from a food dispensing toy.

Teach Your Dog the Names of Their Toy

dog toy
Start by playing with one specific toy and give it a name whilst you play with it. Once you have practised this and praised them, they will soon know that that specific name is for that specific toy. Once they get to this stage, you could further their skills by seeing If they can pick out that toy out of a pile with other toys.

Teach Your Dog to ‘Go Find’ their Toys.

Once your dog knows the name of their toys, you can introduce the ‘go find it’ game. Simply say the name of the toy, followed by ‘go find it’. Remember to always praise and reward even for their best attempts, with a treat or a good 'well done'

Play a scent game

Such as ‘which hand’. The only thing you will need is some treats.
  • Place a treat in one of your hands.
  • Close both fists and hold them both out in front of your dog.
  • Let the dog sniff out the treat and choose which hand it is in.
  • When they sniff/paw/lick the correct hand, open it and give them the treat, along with some praise.
  • If they chose incorrectly, don’t discourage them, it might take a few attempts to grasp it.

Indoor Fetch

If you don’t like the idea of doing this inside, you could turn it into a simple game of catch.

Doggie Hide and Seek

If you are alone with your dog, they need to be able to know the ‘sit and stay’ commands so that you can go and hide. If your dog doesn’t know these commands, you could ask a friend to distract them whilst you go and hide.

Doggie Grooming

This isn’t that exciting for your dog but it is something that needs doing. Reward and praise them throughout their grooming sessions. They might not enjoy it but they will feel better after it.

Learn How to Massage Your Dog

A nice massage can help to relax almost any dog. They are also great for dogs who suffer from arthritis, because it helps with sore and achy joints. A massage can also reduce anxiety, relieve stress and improve circulation.

Indoor Dog Obstacle Course

You could use towels for your dog to jump over, they could weave through chairs or their toys. This will help keep your dog mentally stimulated and it will encourage focus.