German Shepherd

Did you know that German Shepherd Dogs (or GSDs) were bred in Europe to assist shepherds with the task of herding? The name German Shepherd makes more sense now, doesn't it?

The breed originated in the late 1880s in Germany. Since then has become a vision of canine perfection for many dog-parents around the world. GSDs are famous for their intelligence, loyalty, and strength. That's not all that makes them fascinating.

There is so much more to GSDs than most people know, and as ardent fans of the breed, we've taken it upon ourselves to remedy that. So, without further ado, here are 10 super cool facts about GSDs that you likely didn't know before.


German Shepherds have a long and proud history. The breed was popularized by Max von Stephanitz, who was a former student of the Berlin Veterinary College. Max is known as the father of the GSD breed, and he bred German Shepherds to be working dogs. german shepherd puppy


Who doesn't love service dogs? But, did you know that the first Seeing Eye Dog was a female German Shepherd Dog named Buddy?

Sometime around the 1920s, Morris Frank was partnered with Buddy, who went on to become Frank's, 'declaration of independence.' Frank was also a co-founder of The Seeing Eye - the first guide-dog school in the U.S.


If you're looking to adopt a highly adaptable canine, then you can't do much better than a German Shepherd.

Oh, and did we happen to mention they're ranked as the third most intelligent breed of dog by the American Kennel Club?


Speaking of intelligence. Did you know that GSDs aided the Allied Forces during World War 2?

German Shepherds are employed by law enforcement agencies throughout the world because of their intellect. They're also popular rescue dogs. Talk about being a jack of all trades. interesting facts about the german shepherd


German Shepherds have an impressive number of names.

What we mean is that the GSD is also sometimes referred to as Alsatian, Deutscher Shaferhund, Berger Allemand, and Schäferhund.


A study done by Brady Barr of Nat Geo revealed that German Shepherds have a bite that measures somewhere around 130 - 238 pounds of pressure.

That's an incredible amount of power! If you're the proud parent of a German Shepherd, then it's a good idea to only let it snack on safe bones that can match its jaw.


You wouldn't think it but, German Shepherds are classified as a large dog breed.

The average adult male GSD can grow to a height of 24-26 inches, and weigh anywhere around 66-88 pounds (30-40 kgs). An adult female GSD can weigh between 50-70 pounds (23-31 kgs).


German Shepherds have very strong protective instincts. In fact, some breeders came up with a sport to test this trait in Alsatians.

That's why it's important to accustom GSD puppies to socialization and proper training to make sure they're comfortable around strangers.


While GSDs are most commonly thought to be tan in colour with a black back, the truth is that there are eleven recognised colours of GSDs.

Some of these colours include black, sable, black and red, blue, black and silver, and black and cream. german shepherd puppy - facts about the german shepherd


As any GSD owner will tell you, German Shepherds are incredibly energetic. They need mental and physical stimulation to thrive, and this probably has to do with the fact that the breed was created as working dogs.

If you're planning on adopting a GSD, then it's a good idea to have some activities planned to keep you fur-baby occupied.

We're guessing you probably know the GSD breed a little bit better now that you've gone over our list of top facts about German Shepherds. There's no doubt that the GSD is a popular breed among dogs, and it's easy to understand why.

German Shepherds are smart, easy to train, very safe around children, and super-duper fun. They'll make a great addition to your family, and will likely shower you with love and adoration. Just make sure you do your best to take care of them, and you'll have a friend for life.