Treats for puppies

Tasty treats are a must-have when you’re raising a puppy. They are the perfect aid when training and rewarding positive behaviours. Most puppies love food. This means you can easily show them the benefits of behaving well inside and outside the house.

It is important to make sure you do not overfeed them. Treats have to be given as part of a balanced diet.

Choosing appropriate treats can play a big part in keeping your puppy both happy and healthy. There are so many different treats for puppies available, it can be hard to figure out which one is best.

When picking out treats for your puppy, look for treats that smell and taste great.  High in vitamins and minerals. Low in calories, and small in size or able to be broken into smaller pieces. At the end of the day, your puppy will be sure to let you know which ones they love the most.

Like all babies, puppies lose their baby teeth and many dogs enjoy chewing on things while they are teething. Keep your pup from gnawing on inappropriate items, like furniture, wires, and shoes. Offer them a chewy long-lasting treat developed to relieve pain and soreness while providing your dog with additional nutrients and vitamins.



There are lots of treats available for dogs and some, especially for puppies. Whilst they are very young, avoid treats that are hard. Puppies can get over-excited and damage their teeth getting stuck into a bone. Meaty treats and soft dog chews are all good options. Meaty treats are high in protein but also low in fat, therefore, you can keep an eye on the waistlines.
We recommend trying out a variety of treats and seeing which ones your new companion prefers.


One of the most important things to remember when choosing a treat is to make sure that it is safe for your puppy to eat. Check the ingredients of any treats you buy to make sure they don’t contain anything that your puppy is allergic to.

Feeding your dog human food can be harmful, with dairy products, fatty meats such as bacon, and fruit with stones such as peaches and plums all to be avoided. Chocolate and grapes are very harmful and should never be given to dogs.

Likewise, anything containing small or sharp bones should definitely be avoided. Chicken bones are one of the main culprits and can be dangerous if they get stuck in a dog’s throat. Our range of bones are all British beef bone and that’s why they are all air dried to perfection to reduce the risk of splintering. We also recommend that our bones are fed to puppies 6 months +.

Whatever treat you are giving your dog please ensure you keep a watchful eye on them and always have water available to them, excited dogs can forget to chew so we would always suggest you are on hand to help if needed.

Our Top treats for puppies 

Sausagessausages for dogs

A T.Forrest sausage is a great way to reward your pup. Even the fussiest pup can’t resist these tasty morsels that are bursting with mouth-watering flavour. You can feed them as a whole treat to keep them occupied and relaxed. Reducing the temptation to chew one of your belongings or a piece of furniture. Or many of our customers cut them up into bitesize pieces and use them for training, recall, or agility.

As with all our products they are 100% natural with no artificial preservatives or colourants. They are air dried to perfection to give them a softer consistency great for the softer mouth puppy and are one of our most popular products for new arrivals.

There is also no need to hoover up after your dogs enjoyed their sausage, they are completely mess-free!!

Bulls pizzlesbully sticks for dogs

Pizzles are simply air-dried bulls’ penis. But don’t freak out, these tasty treats might be revolting to us, but we can guarantee your dog will love them. They are full of goodness and essential vitamins and minerals that help a pup through their growing stage.

100% natural, high in protein, low in calorie and rich in amino acids that help supports your pup’s muscles, brain, skin, and coat. What’s not to love!

These small pieces are great for teething puppies but equally as good as a reward or treat for any breed or size of dog.