Benefits of feeding your dog natural treats

As a pet owner, it’s only natural to want to treat your four-legged friend occasionally. But it’s important to give your dog natural dog chews.

After all, what’s the point of offering a well-balanced meal and then undoing all that goodness with unhealthy dog treats? But what does a healthy treat consist of? And what should you be looking out for?


The sheer range of dog treats available can be difficult to navigate.  There are dozens of shapes, sizes, and flavours to choose from.
To help you narrow down this choice you need to consider which treats are made with the best ingredients and how they are prepared. Having this information to hand you can make sure that your furry family member receives a nutritious treat.
Here’s T. Forrest’s guide to the benefits of feeding your fur baby the natural way.

Why treat your dog

roast knuckle bones for dogs - natural dog treats
Anyone who shares their life with a dog knows the importance of treats. They play a huge role in forging a bond between you and your pet. Giving your dog a well-earned treat can be an invaluable training tool. They also show your dog a sign of affection which our dogs adore.
However, it is important for us to ensure the treats we are giving them aren’t having an adverse effect on their health. Too many unhealthy treats can lead to obesity, poor oral health and general ill health.

Why feed natural treats?

Reduce allergic triggers

If your pet has ever suffered from a food allergy, you will know how difficult it can be to diagnose and treat.
Food allergies in dogs can manifest in hives, itching of the skin, and swelling.  But in some cases, the symptoms involve the respiratory system. Coughing, sneezing, and/or wheezing with runny discharge from the eyes or nose.
Feeding a natural treat can reduce the chances of triggering a food allergy.  This is because they do not contain ingredients like soy, wheat, or corn which are common triggers of canine allergies.

Low calorie

natural dog treats - roasted marrow bones for dogs.

It is important to remember that feeding treats should make up part of your dog's diet. Your dog should receive a minimum of 90% of their daily calorie intake from their actual food. 10% or less should come from supplemental food or treats.

Keeping your dog in shape by cutting out on treats can be a little difficult for your furry ones. In such cases, opting for natural treats or dog snacks is a good option. A large percentage contains fewer calories compared to other conventional pet treats.

Improve their dental health

Natural dog chews do not contain artificial sweeteners or other harmful chemicals. These additives can be detrimental to your pet’s oral health. Instead, they can help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
The rough texture of natural dog chews acts as a natural toothbrush. Plus the action of chewing stimulates the production of saliva, flushing away bacteria and debris which would otherwise end up as plaque. Keeping their teeth and gums in healthy condition.

Mental well-being

Highly processed treats cause irritation and create an imbalance in the gut flora. This gut flora is integral for a positive mood and good mental health.

Just like humans, your dog’s stomach, heart, and brain are sensitive to what they eat or drink. Any kind of imbalance can contribute to inflammation and stress, thus affecting them mentally.

The essential nutrients in a natural treat contribute to better digestion, lower risk of diseases, strong immunity, improved mobility, increased energy and activity - leading to overall good physical and mental health.

Air dried natural treats like pigs’ ears are a proven long-lasting natural treat, as dogs love to chew it satisfies a natural instinct, mentally stimulating your dog, keeping them occupied, reducing boredom, and promoting calmness and well-being.

Improved Quality of Life & Longevity

The food that your pooch eats directly impacts how they look, act, behave and feel. Giving them 100% natural treats will lead to a healthy and shiny coat, ample energy to run and play, balanced weight to remain active and strong immunity to increase life expectancy. How?natural dog treats - maxi roasted rib for dogs

Natural treats are natural medicine, for example, chicken feet and duck feet may not be the most attractive to look at, however they contain high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin which are the building blocks for healthy joints. 

All-natural treats contain essential vitamins and minerals that support muscle development, body functions, and aid mobility. Feeding natural treats to your pup and maintaining a natural diet from a young age will also ensure that your doggy remains fit and active throughout its life.

What should we be looking for in a natural treat?

When you’re selecting dog treats for your pet, you will need to think in the same way as you would buying food for yourself. Like humans, pets get the best nutrition from minimally processed, quality ingredients that are not chemically processed or added with unnecessary bulk fillers.

Always take note of the ingredients on websites and packaging to give you an idea of what’s in your pet treats.

No hidden nasties

No added sugar, chemical additives or bulk fillers.

Easy-to-recognise ingredients

We all like to know what’s in our food so why should your dogs be any different? Always look for single ingredient treats.


Dog chews that have been slowly baked at a low temperature maintain the quality of the nutrients. You will see the term “air dried” being used by suppliers. This simply means the product has not been subjected to high temperatures and left to dry naturally, this process locks in the nutrients of the treat.

In addition, it enhances the “chewy” value of the treat, making them extremely long lasting. In the case of bones, air drying reduces the risk of the bones splitting or splintering.natural treats for dogs - trachea.


A product may be manufactured in one country, but the ingredients may be sourced from another. Knowing the quality control level of these places/countries is important to ensure that you’re giving the best to your fur baby.

It is always better if you know where the ingredients or products are sourced from before feeding them to your dog. You can find this information on the label or look up supplier websites.

Appropriate treats

Natural dog chews come in all shapes and sizes. So, when you are looking a dog treat, keep in mind a few factors, your dog’s breed, size and your dog’s age. These factors will determine the type of treat suitable for your dog.

Our Jurassic bone is 12” in length and is the largest bone we produce suitable for a heavy chewer, probably not the best bone for a Chihuahua pup.

You must ALWAYS provide a fresh supply of water when feeding your dog any treat and keep your eye on them at all times. Bones may also splinter, if this happens, remove the bones. 


Obviously it’s important that your dog loves the taste of the treat otherwise it shouldn’t even be called a treat! However, the key is to find a treat that your pooch REALLY loves and their tails wag every time you even make a move toward the packet.

Find a treat they love and that is good for them and you’ll have a forever friend!