Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Britain has a long-standing reputation as a nation of animal lovers. There are around 8.5 million dogs and 7.5 million cats currently living as pets in the UK, taking up places in our homes and our hearts. However, statistics show only 1.3 million cats and 2.8 million dogs are covered by pet insurance. This means that huge numbers of pets are potentially left vulnerable. 

Vet treatment can often cost hundreds of pounds. It's not surprising that some pet owners struggle to afford unplanned treatment if their pet suffers an accident or illness.Without adequate cover. There is always a risk that owners will face making medical decisions based on what they can afford. In some cases, having pet insurance can quite literally be a lifesaver. 


It’s not just one-off payments for accidents and injuries that can cause the cost of veterinary care to mount up. Pet insurance can protect owners against the expenses of ongoing treatments for long-term conditions. Insurance companies include complementary therapies and medication. You can also include public liability cover. This will protect you should your dog or cat cause an accident.
Taking out a policy ensures you're there for your pet when they need it most without worrying about vet bills. dog insurance in the UK


There are various levels of pet insurance cover to choose from across different pet insurance companies. It's important to look at the different options available to you. Every pet is different, and therefore you might seek different levels of cover. Here at some of the benefits, we have found on some of our policies.

    • Protection against vet bills if your pet suffers illness or accident
    • Dental treatment, farewell cover, lost and found and pets abroad cover
    • Multi-Pet Discount - many insurers will offer you a discount for insuring more than one pet
    • Third-Party Liability (dogs only) - covers damage to someone or someone else's property


According to compare the The average premium for November 2020 was £145 a year. However, there are many factors that are considered when purchasing a policy. No pet is the same and therefore the cost can change. 

Age, breed, location, type, and size of the pet play a part in determining how much the pet insurance will cost. Each of these factors provides a different risk rating. The higher the risk the more likely you are to make a claim and subsequently the more expensive the insurance generally costs.

Generally speaking, the most expensive level of cover is a lifetime (reinstatement). However, this also provides the most protection.